Participatory Design

How We workArchitects understand buildings, but not always kitchen design. Let Five Oaks Kitchen Design help you achieve the kitchen design you are looking for.

With 30 plus years of experience in kitchen design, Five Oaks Kitchen Design can help you make good decisions with confidence.

AMD B-500 LoneStar, Austin, TXSince our inception, and to achieve the optimum solution, we have understood the need to have our clients and end-users as part of our kitchen design process.

Effective design is the art of compromise of different requests and directives; this process is most effectively done in the earliest planning stages. It is important to state explicitly what the directives and priorities are, so that one well-coordinated approved program can be the basis for developing the most successful kitchen design.

Your commitment of your time and resources to the kitchen design process is instrumental in helping the team understand your goals and vision in a cooperative environment.

To maximize the value of the kitchen we design for you, our team welcomes, encourages and needs the chef, operator and owner’s participation and contributions.

We will help you through the maze generated by the claims of the various equipment manufacturers to get you the right equipment for your needs.

The interactive team concept provides a repetitive review process through all phases of each kitchen design project, to eliminate mistakes and cost overruns.

Five Oaks Kitchen Design would like to add your project to our list of Award winning projects:

Saturn Plant, Spring Hill, TN

Advanced Micro Devices – B500 LoneStar
A LEED’s Gold project, Austin, TX
AMA World Headquarters, Chicago, IL
MD Anderson Cancer Center – Mid Campus
Building 1, Houston, TX
Saturn Manufacturing Facility, Spring Hill, TN

Five Oaks Kitchen DesignFive Oaks Kitchen Design is a specialty design firm providing consulting and design services for types of kitchens.

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