Our Process

At the beginning of each new kitchen design project Five Oaks Kitchen Design provides a Project Binder designed for your project, which will outline the kitchen design process and provide additional information for you as the project develops.

During the Design Development Phase of the project we will provide you with information on various pieces of Commercial/Restaurant Kitchen Equipment for your review.

Five Oaks Kitchen Design use a team process in the design of your kitchen and we do multiple reviews during all phases of the kitchen design project to ensures the highest level of performance for our customers.

Five Oaks Kitchen Design is a specialty design firm providing design services for all types of kitchens. Call us at (713) 705-0952for more information.

With the decline in the total number of restaurants by 1% and the decline in customer spending by 3%, we need to plan smarter and more efficiently to reduce the project costs for your kitchen design.

Our goals for providing professional services for kitchen design projects are:

  • To provide you the best available professional services for a reasonable fee
  • To produce a project that is on time and within budget
  • To confidently add the project team members to our list of client references

Five Oaks Kitchen Design

Five Oaks Kitchen Design is located in Missouri City, TX (713) 705-0952