Kitchen Design 101, Getting Started

Kitchen Design Corporate Salad Bar

Modern Corporate Salad Bar


Section 1 – The Beginning

Once you have made the decision to build a new facility with a commercial kitchen or remodel/expand the existing kitchen facility in your building you need to take one of the following steps to begin:

1.    You go directly to the Architect to develop the location and preliminary design for the facility.

2.     You request that several Architectural firms provide information on their firms and requests information on the Subtrades

(i.e., Electrical/Plumbing/ Mechanical Engineers, Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer),etc.) to evaluate and select a firm to assist you with the project.

3.    You hire an Architect or Project Control firm to develop the location and the preliminary design of the facility and prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) from other Architectural firms to provide the Architectural services for the design of your new facility.

The Architect developing the RFP may or may not be requested to provide a proposal for this work.

The RFP should provide basic information on the project by the owner or architect as to type and size of building, etc. and generally requires information on all of the team members and the architect needs to provide information on:

•    Personnel to be assigned to the project and their resumes

•    Finances to ensure that the company is financially capable  of handling the project

•    Firm history

•    Similar projects, with examples and pictures

•    Methods of operations, explain how they do business

•    Resumes and information on Consultants, i.e., Engineers, Landscaping, IT, Foodservice, etc.  The Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) should also be brought in as early as possible in the planning process to ensure that there is adequate space provided to meet your vision of the foodservice area. This does not always happen and buy the time the Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) is brought in most of the floor spaces have been designed or allocated for other purposes.

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