Kitchen Design 101 – Specifications & Bidding

Section 7 – Specifications and Bid Forms

General & Itemized Specifications

The Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) will prepare the General Specifications and itemized foodservice (kitchen equipment) specification (1) for the equipment indicated on the approved construction drawing, and will define the options and special features needed for each piece of equipment.

Itemized Bid Forms

The Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) will also prepare the Itemized Bid Forms and provide them as part of the specification to the Architect, for inclusion in the Bid Documents. These will allow the owner/general contractor to get itemized pricing for the individual pieces of equipment during the (2) bid process.

Itemized bid forms are a rarity and are normally not done if the project is being bid by the General Contractor; he is basically just looking for a total cost from the Kitchen Equipment Contractor.  This does not allow the General Contractor to make adjustments or know if the Kitchen Equipment Contractor has bid on all of the specified items or all of the components for those items.


The Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) will deliver all drawings and specifications to the Architect in PDF format, for inclusion in the Contract Bid Documents.

The Architect will assemble and publish the complete set of drawings that will be issued to you, the General Contractor at Risk or selected General Contractors,  for bidding.

The Architect on your behalf will generally advertise for General Contractors or provide a list of preapproved contractors to bid on the project.

Once the Bid Documents have be issued to the General Contractors for bid, they will then send out a Request for Bids to the Subtrades (steel contractor, brick layers, electrical, plumbing contractors, kitchen equipment contractors, etc.).

Notification of project bidding is usually posted to various drawing rooms, newspapers, or direct e-mail, requesting various trades to bid on the project.

During the bidding process, questions regarding the foodservice documents are normally routed through the General Contractor and/or Architect, and then to the Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) for clarification and response.

The Kitchen Equipment Contractor normally needs two to three weeks to prepare his bid depending on the complexity of the projects. The General Contractor will normally need about four to six weeks to complete the bid process and submit to the Architect/Owner.

1. Definition: Exact statement of the particular needs to be satisfied, or essential characteristics that a customer requires (in a good, material, method, process, service, system, or work) and which a vendor must deliver. Specifications are written usually in a manner that enables both parties (and/or an independent certifier) to measure the degree of conformance.

2. Definition: An offer to pay a certain sum for something or to perform certain work at a stated fee. Price or fee offered.

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