Kitchen Design 101 Concept

Kitchen Design Hospital Salad Bar

Kitchen Design Hospital Salad Bar

Kitchen Design 101 – The Concept

Architect Plus a FoodService Consultant

You may have already worked on the concept for the facility and foodservice areas (kitchen and servery) and have done a preliminary programming exercise with either an architect or programming firm to develop a location and a preliminary concept for the building.

Once you have select the architect, they will be having further meetings with you to develop and finalize the program for the building this will include the kitchen design.  During these meetings you will continue to develop the required areas within the building and the overall footprint of the building with the Architect.

The Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) is normally not included building programming at this point. This is an Error in the Design process!

Why a Kitchen Design Consultant?

We believe that the Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) should be part of this process, to work with the owner and/or the chef/operator to develop the type of service and food products that will be provided, and to develop preliminary sketches of the necessary layouts to allow for the proper amount of square footage, so that the square footage required for the foodservice areas can be programmed into the project as part of early planning, not as an afterthought.

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