Kitchen Design 101 – Construction Phase

Hospital Kitchen Cook Line
Hospital Kitchen Cook Line

Section 10 – Construction Phase

Construction Schedule

The General Contractor will provide the construction milestone schedule and be responsible for keeping the project on schedule.


Upon award of the contract, the General Contractor will issue a contract to the Kitchen Equipment Contractor.  The Kitchen Equipment Contractor, will prepare and submit within four (4) weeks from award of contract the following:

  • floor plans
  • dimensioned special conditions plans
  • dimensioned electrical, plumbing and mechanical plans

These drawings will become the record construction set (upon approval by the Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) and are to be submitted to the General Contractor for review;  the General Contractor will forward them to the Foodservice Consultant  (Kitchen Designer) for review and approval prior to starting construction.
The Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer)  will return the marked- up drawings either approved, approved as noted, or revise and resubmit to the Architect for distribution or resubmittal.

Fabrication Submittals

The Kitchen Equipment Contractor will request fabrication drawings from the equipment manufacturers for the following:

  • exhaust hoods
  • coldstorage assemblies
  • refrigeration systems
  • modular serving line counters
  • conveyor systems (if shown)
  • stainless steel  fabrication drawings of all custom fabricated    pieces of equipment, including construction details , materials and components

The Kitchen Equipment Contractor will submit all of the drawings to the General Contractor for review and then forward to the Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) for review. The drawings will be returned as either approved, approved as noted, or revise and resubmit to the Architect for distribution or resubmittal.

Buy-out Equipment Brochure Submittal

The Kitchen Equipment Contractor will provide equipment brochures, which  will include all of the data as indicated in the General Specifications, i.e., front and rear cover, cover page with Project Location address, names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers of Owner, Architect , General Contractor, Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer), Kitchen Equipment Contractor, Stainless Steel Fabricator, and Equipment Installer (if different than Kitchen Equipment contractor).  Separate fly sheet for each piece of
equipment , including all information on the specification sheet, manufacturers’ catalog sheet or fabrication drawing.
The Kitchen Equipment Contractor will submit the brochure within six (6)  weeks of award of contract to the General Contractor for review, and then forward to the Foodservice Contractor (Kitchen Designer) for review and approval. The Foodservice Consultant will return the marked-up brochure either approved, approved as noted, or revise and resubmit to the Architect  for distribution or resubmittal . Buy-out
equipment should not be purchased until approved.

Construction Coordination

The General Contractor shall notify the Kitchen Equipment Contractor prior to the pour of the kitchen floor, so that the Kitchen Equipment Contractor has time to schedule a site visit prior to the concrete pour, to verify the locations of the underslab utilities, i.e., floor drains, waterlines, electrical lines, block- outs for trench drains and walk-in cooler/freezer assemblies.
The Kitchen Equipment Contractor is required by the Specifications to review and be responsible coordinating the locations of underground utilities, i.e., plumbing, electrical penetrations and block-outs for trench drains and walk-in coolers/freezers.
They are also responsible for verifying the correct locations of wall-mounted plumbing and electrical connections and the quantity of each. This is especially important if the walls are poured concrete or block walls with concrete poured into the walls after the utilities are in place.
During the fabrication of the stainless steel equipment and counters, the owner has the right to visit the Kitchen Equipment Contractors’ stainless steel fabrication shop to review the methods of fabrication and see the counters, worktables, etc.  These visits should be coordinated and arranged by the General Contractor. The Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) should attend this visit.


The Kitchen Equipment Contractor will deliver to the job site, at the General Contractor’s request:

• Cold Storage Assemblies
• Exhaust Hoods
• Trench Drains
• Ceiling Mounted Utensil Racks
• other pieces of equipment that need to be inside the kitchen prior to the wall being closed in

Once the kitchen and/or servery is closed in, floors, walls and ceiling completed and as directed by the General Contractor, the Kitchen Equipment Contractor will deliver the balance of the equipment to the job site and set in place for connection by the Plumbing and Electrical Contractors.
The Kitchen Equipment Contractor will work with the General Contractor’s plumbers and electricians to connect the equipment and secure to floor as required after connection.
During the installation of the equipment, the Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) will visit the job site to review progress and to make comments on the equipment and installation.


The General Contractor will advise the Architect and the Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) is complete and ready for inspection (all electrical, plumbing, mechanical connections complete and the facility cleaned).


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