Kitchen Design 101 – Completion

Coffee Bar – Methodist Hospital – OPC

Section 11 – Completion


When the General Contractor has advised the Architect and the Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) that they are complete and ready for inspection (all electrical, plumbing, mechanical connections complete and the facility cleaned), the Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) will visit the job site and review the equipment and the installation to verify that it conforms to the drawings and specifications and prepare an Observation Report.

Observation Report

The Observation Report will be sent to the Architect, who will forward to the General Contractor and others as required, for correction of the deficiencies. Prior to this trip, the General Contractor should request and set a date with the Kitchen Equipment Contractor to arrange for the start-up of the equipment by the service agents, and then set a date to do the equipment demonstrations with kitchen personnel.
After the corrections are made, the Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) will visit the job site and perform the review again and submit the results to the Architect, who will distribute as needed.
If a third trip is required, the Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) will bill the General Contractor for this trip.

Project Close Out

The Kitchen Equipment Contractor will prepare a set of Operation Manuals during this stage which will include:
•    the same information that was included in the Equipment books presented at the start of construction
•    operations and maintenance manuals for all of the equipment
•    provide a list of service agents to call after the warranty period expires

As Builts

Once the project is completed, and if required as part of the contract, the Foodservice Consultant (Kitchen Designer) will provide as-built drawings and specifications (that reflect all of the changes that took place during the construction phase for submittal to the owner, both a paper copy and on disc.

Final Inspection

The General Contractor will set the final inspection schedule for the facility by the local Building Inspectors and Fire Marshall  and obtain the Certificate of Occupancy.
The Owner/Operator will be responsible for contacting the Health Department and obtaining an operating permit. This should be done prior to the Certificate of Occupancy so that all corrections noted by the Health Department  are corrected prior to opening.
Food and dry goods should not be ordered for delivery prior to the Health Department Permit and Certificate of Occupancy being issued.

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