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Grulla High School Rio Grande City TX

We are a small firm, and in the 6 years of our existence as Five Oaks Kitchen Design, we continue to be driven to achieve excellence and to provide superior service to our clients, whether it is a commercial or a restaurant kitchen.

We have the experience and talent to handle world class projects with the dedication to detail of larger firms; being a small firm, we provide hands-on for every project, including yours. We bring in dedicated people as needed, to provide the best possible support for your project.

Over the last couple of years the average square foot cost has risen dramatically, so Five Oaks Kitchen design looks for the best buy on the most efficient piece equipment to reduce long- term operating costs.

Five Oaks Kitchen Design is unbiased when it comes to selecting equipment for your project; we look for the best piece of equipment for the best price to meet your needs. We are not affiliated with any of the equipment manufacturers; we are hired by either the architect or you the owner.

Cost is not always the primary concern, as you the owner are looking for more long-term life and ROI (return on investment) than just a cheap piece of equipment that they will have to replace in two or three years.

Five Oaks Kitchen Design is a specialty design firm providing consulting and design services call us for more information.

Grulla High School Rio Grande City TX

Five Oaks Kitchen DesignFive Oaks Kitchen Design is located in Missouri City, TX. (713) 705-0952.