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Commercial Kitchen Design

Veterans Middle School Kitchen Design

Five Oaks Kitchen Design understands the needs of corporate feeders, university food service operations, military messes, hospital dietary departments, school cafeterias, hotel and banquet kitchens, etc.

Five Oaks Kitchen Design provides consulting and kitchen design services for all types of foodservice operations: bars, serving areas, kitchens, executive dining and back of the house planning.

Restaurant Kitchen Design Houston Texas

Five Oaks Kitchen Design will work with you to identify the demand factors and operational parameters which will significantly impact the kitchen design process. Our objectives for planning a kitchen project for you are:

  • For the kitchen area to be the right design solution to meet your needs and be balanced to support each functional area.
  • For thefoodservice area to meet your requirements in regard to initial cost, cost of ownership, and appropriateness of features and quality.
  • That the staffing requirements and operational efficiency guide the planning process, which ensures optimum labor productivity over the life of the facility.

Five Oaks Kitchen Design is a foodservice consulting firm providing design services for culinary, interior design and back of house planning.

Five Oaks Kitchen Design

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